They’re as Big as Golf Balls!

They really are! It’s been snowing once or twice a week for a month now, but today I woke up to the first snowfall that actually STUCK to the ground. “Big whoop” I hear you mutter. Well for someone who grew up in Durban, this is a big whoop! The whoop is so big, in fact, that I spent most of my work day simply staring out of the window at the office, craning my neck to impossible angles so I can see giant snowflakes swishing about.

I had to maintain an air of professionalism, of course. So I didn’t quite sprint out and throw snowballs at the kids. But They’d best be on their guard, because soon this Gaijin will enact Western-styled aggression fueled by a snowball arms-race and cold war-esque escalations of firepower.

Soon my pretties… soon.

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