Wildlife and Black Stones

A short update, but a cool one as always! I went a-searching for wildlife and some cool autumn colours before it all disappears, and it seems the latter was already occurring! No more rich browns and reds, and more grey fields and bare trees. It snowed all morning yesterday, with more on the way supposedly tomorrow, so winter is definitely on the way!

Ironically, it seems swans migrate to Soya-gun (the sub-prefecture I live in) during the winter. Lord knows why! At any rate, we found a rather cool gathering of the beasts at a local lake. I plan to return in winter proper when it’s all snowy and looks more than a crowd of unruly feathered fowls surrounded by bird droppings! The ducks weren’t shy either. They knew where the food comes from! The swans also caught on pretty quick.

Of course, we didn’t really have anything for them to eat, so they quickly lost interest. Also, it was just about zero degrees at the lake shore, and with just a hoodie and shirt, I was woefully underequipped to stand around with the damned swans, no matter how pretty they’re supposed to be!

That’s my “Let’s get back in the car with the heating!” face.

While exploring, Heather deftly spotted a giant Elk or somesuch large antelope-like beast in the nearby pasture. Because of a shitty zoom function, I could not manage much closer shots, but still! Deer! That wasn’t the only one, however, as we soon spotted a guy much closer, and not as skittish as to run away the moment I got out of the car to take a picture. They’re quite impressive beasts considering the harshness of the climate.

Elk/Stag #1

Elk/Stag #2

And to end, I’ve become addicted to a J-pop group. I guess it was only a matter of time. “Anna” from the Black Roses. Shameful, I know, but it’s still catchy!

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