Maybe When I Die I’ll Meet Elvis

Or perhaps I’ll simply come back to this world as something cool, like a dolphin or wombat… Who knows; that was just the title of the song I was listening to while writing this. It seemed appropriate.

Spending so much time on campus has made me fully aware of just how shitty the catering is. From the plethora of Greek-owned franchises on campus one can choose from an array of equally-expensive stores where you can buy stupidly-overpriced coffee or, in the case of the Senate House’s store, serve it yourself from shitty containers into cheap Styrofoam. I’ve recently begun the trek to a more upmarket coffee shop which is part of the Origins centre principally because they treat their customers like human beings.

The converse of course is a stupidly cheap Indian joint that sells what is theoretically authentic cuisine for stupidly-cheap prices. However, their samoosas taste like saturated oil, their biryani is a yellow mass of congealed fat and cheap-ass rice, and the rest just looks inedible. Needless to say, John’s lunch consists normally of a packet of chips (crisps) and a bottle of flavoured mineral water. When those Greek sheisters stop being so bloody mercantilist I might return some form of patronage to their horrid establishments.

Food has been a primary thought of late, as last weekend saw my speaking partner and I taking part in the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Gauteng Provincial Debating Championships. Sounds grand, except it was run by a single, incompetent student and they fed us one slice of cold pizza for the weekend. The tournament itself was a joke, and I kinda want my weekend back, returning to Gauteng in truly miserable spirits. To celebrate this horrid weekend my brother and Irene, a small-but-potent pixie who happens to be in the debating union as well, had some truly excellent pizza in this arb Italian restaurant in Emmerentia. My emaciated frame truly reveled in this decadence.


Justifiably angry at the tournament fail-cake

No matter. July sees Wits hosting the National Championships, which promises to be truly awesome, thanks largely to a ridiculously-large amount of sponsorship from Standard Bank. No matter how badly we might do in the actual competition, the entire tournament promises to be truly epic.

On a more housekeepingish note, I have once again tweaked the blogroll, adding one Sarah Richmond’s Yosh! site to my illustrious pagentry of amazing co-bloggers. Sarah has the unfortunate tendency to change blogs every couple of months, but this one seems to have been hanging around for a while, and she writes rather prolifically about life in Sapporo, Hokkaido. In some of my early posts I mentioned being one of only two South African ALT’s living in Hokkaido. Sarah is the other city-dwelling one. Aside from taking roughly 5 hours to find her apartment the first time I drove the six hours to her city, we never really had much contact. Nonetheless, you’ve heard my tales of the countryside, now read about her exploits in the city.

And lastly, on a geekier note, I play a PC game called America’s Army, developed by the US Military funnily enough. That’s irrelevant though. My clan has won the latest and largest tournament in South Africa, meaning that I am in fact fucking awesome! Of course there’s no prize money or anything, but it’s nice to be on top of something .

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