Debating, Deliberating and Dinner

Update 1

This weekend saw the Wits Invitational Debating Championships roll through. Consider that my total number of ranked debates number in single figures, to say I was rusty is an understatement of note. No matter, I was speaking with my brother and was thus ably carried through to the finals on his pack like a Coleman backpack. The debating is an afterthought, mind you, whereas the focus of the weekend should be squared around the meeting and greeting of new and interesting people.

All said and done the championship was great fun, and I managed to conduct myself with a slightly more dignified stature at the yakka party this time round. Mostly because I didn’t lose my glasses and nobody’s shrubbery got demolished! Also, trampolines are seriously awesome fun! Pictures shall follow as soon as they are uploaded.

Update 2

I have decided to forsake my meagre extra savings from work and head off to Mozambique for a week (the rhymes!) with some good friends and sibling. Cheap seafood, awesome rum, white sands, blue ocean and an almost mine-free countryside will be awaiting me after Christmas! Personally I’m looking forward to such simple things as stuffing my face full of prawns while swigging rum from the bottle and throwing sand at Jonathan. In all, an utterly admirable and productive pursuit. Unlike Thailand et al, this will be a decidedly more sedate experience, and unlike heading to Tokyo, decidedly small in scale. That’s important. If it was hectic and awe-inspiringly huge in travel plans or size of cities visited, I don’t think I’d be inclined at all. I want to chill out. Maybe snorkel. Maybe laugh at a communist, perhaps even eat something exotic if I feel up to it. We shall see.

Update 3

I’m currently listening to Rise Against’s new album much on the recommendation of one of the debaters who’d inhabited our house. They’d been here since Thursday. There’s an eery quiet in the house now. Like all the kids have left and – in the pristinely clean aftermath – there’s nothing much going on at all.

… before anyone asks, it’s clean because the maid came today, not because we cleaned. No.

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