Valentine’s Day in Japan

After my Tokyo travels and tour of South East Asia, I was faced this week with an understandable lack of funds. A severe form of poverty I have experienced several times as a student in 2006, where a R5 spring roll and whatever was in the cupboard at home for dinner was my food for the month. So entering this last week, I had braced myself for starvation and, most importantly, no chocolate!

But I had forgotten that it was Valentine’s day! And while I’m not exactly one who exacted much romantic attention from the ladies at the best of times (and what little that was gained on V-day was soon forgotten!), I didn’t realize that, in Japan, it’s totally different! It seems over here the women are generally wont to purchase chocolate goodness for every male in their office/school. For me, this is a sugary bonus that I hadn’t expected. Likewise, because I work at BOTH the office and the school, I am positively swimming in chocolate. Not because I warrant any special attention, but simply because I don’t have boobs! I’m not one for gender-discrimination, but when the women are expected to buy all the men chocolate, my distended kwashiorkor belly welcomes the boon in candy!

I think in precisely a month’s time the men have to reciprocate with white chocolate. But that’s after payday! For now, free gender-targeted chocolate is entirely welcome. Ladies take note!

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